CD »What Lies Behind«

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Ben Leven »What Lies Behind« CD

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Ben Leven »What Lies Behind« CD

Singer-songwriter Ben Leven captivates with musical diversity and touching lyrics. His songs are often thoughtful but always look ahead, creating a positive mood. The catchy choruses invite you to sing along. The artist’s debut album „What Lies Behind“, released in 2018, underlines his multi-faceted nature. Charismatic pop songs meet driving beats, atmospheric guitars meet wide choirs – all hand-made and real. The album is a manifestation of Ben Leven’s enormous repertoire. His tracks resemble a Saturday morning brunch with Peter Gabriel, U2 and Sting while Ed Sheeran and Mark Knopfler swap guitars. Both with the arrangements of his songs and with his powerful stage presence he delivers impressive performances, not least due to his characteristic voice and energetic guitar playing, accompanied by rhythms and voice loops which he creates on his loop station. This way, Ben Leven transforms every gig into a grandiose one-man-show.

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